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Removing Useless Tags in Word File

You may experience having a word file full of tags and feel much annoyed with it. Generally, this happens when the word file is converted from any pdf and other graphic design files. Working on such a file in CAT tools (especially Trados Studio 2011) will be annoying and lessening productivity. Tags are such important parts of file that need to be kept and should not be removed. When you remove a tag from a segment, you will find an error message on your Trados Studio.

To avoid from wasting time handling useless tags in word file, there are several simple steps to tackle this problem:

  1. Open the word file.
  2. Press CTRL+A and then CTRL+D.
  3. Click on “Character Spacing” tab.
  4. Set “Scale” to 100%, “Spacing” to normal, “Position” to normal and uncheck “kerning for fonts” check box.
  5. You may find that the layout slightly changes. In certain circumstance, you may need to do a few necessary steps to return the layout to the original.
  6. Click save and the file is ready to handle in Trados Studio 2011 (other CAT tools)

Now, you can work on the file without bothering with so many useless tags in every segment.

Good luck and happy translating!

Source: Proz Forum

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